Pulp & Paper

The manufacturing process in the paper and cellulose industry is very water-intensive, which is why special emphasis is placed on closed production cycles. Cellulose is the basis for making paper and is obtained from raw wood in a chemical pulping process (generally the kraft pulping or sulphate process).

  • Quicklime 3-8 mm

    Specially processed lime from sifted quicklime with maximum grain size between 3 and 8 mm.
  • Lump Lime 8-25 mm

    Specially processed lump lime with a grain size of 8-25 mm. Good grain shape for reactivity and handling.
  • Ground Lime S

    Sifted quicklime with maximum grain size 0,6 mm. Good solubility and reactivity.
  • Ground Quicklime

    Grounded quicklime with excellent solubility and reactivity.
  • Hydrated Lime

    Powdered slaked lime with good solubility and reactivity for waste water treatment.